Areas of Practice.

Capstone Public Affairs provides professional and ethical public affairs services to clients facing government challenges on the state and federal levels, seeking campaign management or strategic communication assistance, or requiring grassroots advocacy and new media leadership. Capstone works as a team with our clients and takes personal ownership of projects. When meeting with decision makers, our partners speak of “we” and “our” projects because we believe in the work of our clients. People know when we work on a project, that project carries with it our values and our commitment to professional and ethical success through effective advocacy and a reputation of integrity. We take personal responsibility for our clients so people who trust us, know they can trust the client.

  • Federal & State Lobbying

    The "right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government" is enshrined in the Constitution's First Amendment. Successful petitioning, in other words, successful lobbying, requires a knowledge of the policies, processes, personalities, and politics of government. Capstone's partners have a proven record of experience on both sides of the legislative and executive branches on the federal and state levels.

  • Strategic Communications

    Capstone can create and manage your communication plan to reach opinion makers, journalists, strategic allies, voters, and elected officials. Whether you require rapid response and crisis control, or need a long term communication strategy, Capstone's experience in press relations and advertisement creation and placement includes television, radio, print, and online media.

  • Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

    We’re often asked what “grasstops” means. If you’re trying to reach a decision maker on an issue that impacts his or her neighbors, and that person hears about the issue from their friends at church, that is grassroots engagement. When they hear about it from their pastor, that is grasstops engagement. Effective advocacy requires not just reaching a number of people, but reaching people whose community standing impacts the decision maker. It is one thing for an elected official to hear from a campaign contributor and another thing entirely for him to hear from his campaign finance chairman. If a legislator receives a call or a letter from a voter, that’s important; if they receive the same from their mayor or county supervisor, that is significant. We identify individuals in a decision maker’s network who share the concerns of a client and help them express their own thoughts to decision makers.

  • New & Social Media Development

    A web site is not enough. Political campaigns, corporate public relations and issue advocacy need to dialogue with voters, customers and opinion makers through interactive email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We must utilize new media blogs and online platforms to deliver the message and encourage new voices to share and echo the message. We can provide online development, compelling content and a strategy for success.

  • Political Consulting

    From hiring campaign professionals to designing your logo, from putting up the web page to producing television commercials, Capstone can assist you in completing a necessary objective in public service - getting elected. We can create a strategy that answers your questions about: voter trends in your district, developing and buying advertising, reaching every voter with direct mail, online and phone strategies, polling, media, fundraising, messaging, opposition research. Whether you're four years out or facing a special election in 30 days, Capstone's partners can provide you with answers.

Professional and Practical Experience.

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